We have English-speaking Designer

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Are you planning a home renovation in Tokyo area? At EcoDeco we can make arrangements in English. Our designers or our partner architects will try the best to realize a renovation matched with your needs. Following are our English speaking staffs. They are not native English speakers, but we promise that they will be kind and helpful enough to offer you the best service.

About EcoDeco

Our Strength

EcoDeco’s strength is the commitment to the making of an ideal home together with the clients. Our happiness is for you to obtain a home that matches perfectly with your lifestyle. We will make all the effort to support your plans.

-Competition System
We have a competition system for you to choose the most reasonable construction company by gathering estimations from multiple companies.

Introduction of renovation case

Here are the examples of the houses we have renovated. *Japanese only
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Takahisa Kobayashi
Our task is to embody the image of a client’s ideal house. We will organize your priorities and connect them with concrete specifications.
It is often said that Japanese houses are uniform and boring, but let’s make them unique and fun by the freedom of renovation! *Japanese only  more>>


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